Mel-Co-Ed Inc.

Our History

Mel-Co-Ed was born back in 1948 when Ed Sowa and his two partners, Mel and Cosmo, launched the company from a garage in Warwick. Current owner Phil Sowa’s dad took over the company from 1985 until May 2022, when Phil took over the reins. He is proud to have the opportunity to continue moving his family’s business forward into a bright future as a tribute to his grandfather and Mel-Co-Ed’s homegrown roots.
  • 1948

    Ed Sowa, Mel, and Cosmo launch their startup in Warwick

  • 1950s

    Mel-Co-Ed starts producing ornamental jewelry findings for women's jewelry and men's accessories

  • 1964

    New store (and current location) opens on 381 Roosevelt Ave in Pawtucket

  • 1970s

    Mel-Co-Ed produces for leading fashion houses including Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren

  • 1985

    Ed Sowa's son takes over the company, overseeing its state-of-the-art tooling technology and its growing reputation for producing American-made custom and open-line products

  • 2022

    Ed's grandson Phil takes ownership of Mel-Co-Ed, continues his family's tradition of collaborating directly with clients and partners on cast and stamped designs

Your Part in Our History

When you place an order with Mel-Co-Ed, you help us grow. Consider it an active participation in our company’s storied past and an investment in our company’s promising future. Let Mel-Co-Ed craft you something beautiful that will fulfill your metalworking fantasies and celebrate your own story.